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We are Edenbrook and we are a leading provider of human capital to the Insurance and Investment Management industries.

Edenbrook is delighted to be assisting Purple, one of the leading disability organisations in the UK, in its mission to create awareness and improve the experiences of disabled people in the Insurance and Investment Management industries. We are all aware of the need for diversity and with more and more organisations embarking on diversity programmes we believe that this is a very worthy cause and one that employers should take seriously.

Traditional perceptions of disability are being dismantled. The international symbol - the wheelchair - has achieved so much to raise awareness and understanding, but this reflects only 8% of the global disability population. 80% of disabled people have hidden disabilities. For our industry it means that four out of five disabled employees, customers or investors will not be obvious. Maybe it doesn’t matter but minor adjustments could make a practical difference and sends out an important message about the organisation and its intent.

 Covid-19 is changing the way we think and the need to demonstrate social impact is rising by the day. For employers, mental health - and the wellbeing of staff - has become the greatest challenge. Those organisations which deal positively with the issue - and wider inclusion - will thrive. Those that don’t will struggle to survive.Recent researchshows, greater diversity in the workforce results in greater profitability and value creation.The contract between an organisation and its employees, staff and investors is changing rapidly. The mental health taboo will be smashed. Covid-19 will leave a society who sees inclusion as fundamental and not a ‘nice to have’.

Purple is at the forefront of changing the disability conversation with businesses across all sectors, and of all sizes. Purple Tuesday has become the #1 brand for improving the disabled customer experience whether that be business to business or in a business to customer environment.

Purple Tuesday is free to participate in but each organisation has to make a minimum of one commitment to improve accessibility before the celebratory event in November. Across industries there is a significant focus on digital accessibility with a realisation that a lot can be done quickly at no cost, or very little cost, to improve navigation and overall experience for people engaging with your business – perhaps for the first time. Buildings, and more specifically socially distanced factors, have also been a real focus. This includes ensuring Plexiglass or Perspex glass in offices etc. have colour contrast markings to support visually impaired stakeholders. And training for staff, predominantly online, has been taken up covering general disability awareness and more specific issues such as mental health and autism.

Purple Tuesday is supported by Corporate Sponsors with global household names in e-commerce, retail, banking, tourism, housing and assistive technology already signed up. If you would be interested in becoming the Insurance Industry sponsor let Simon or Karl know and we can make an introduction to Mike Adams, OBE, the CEO of Purple and creator of Purple Tuesday. For further information about Purple Tuesday, go to

To be inclusive will require you to take your employees on the journey. Purple Tuesday has a subscription service (Purple Tuesday 365) which is doing just that for so many organisations. Through monthly webinars and practical resources, it is supporting staff to better understand, and put in place those changes in customer service that will make a difference. Invest in your workforce and you invest in your organisation.

Edenbrook has negotiated a 10% discount for our clients and friends wishing to purchase Purple Tuesday 365 as a disability training programme. See the below:

To subscribe to Purple Tuesday 365 and access a 10% fee discount: 1) Complete the Purple Tuesday 365 registration form at 2) Complete the form adding in the Promo Code: Eden10: and 3) Submit the form and someone will contact you for your preferred payment option.

Further information about Purple Tuesday can be found at